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Новые профили 23 марта 2018 г.

Starting over

Возраст 65 от Glenarden, Maryland Онлайн Сегодня
Женщина ищут Мужчину

Petite lady 65,more on the shorter side.i looking to find a gentleman who is serious about life and wants a new beginning like myself . I am semi retired and have been divorced for 10 yrs. Things i will like to do now that i have plenty of time on my...

Good Person,no smoking,no drinking,happy

Возраст 65 от Rougemont, North Carolina Онлайн Сейчас
Женщина ищут Мужчину

Dependable smiling and happy person.,enjoy people, love dancing,bowling and shopping.


Возраст 50 от Mount Ephraim, New Jersey Онлайн Сегодня
Женщина ищут Мужчину

Loving caring woman that will do any thing for any one that kind of person i am

Spiritual, Sensitive, Sincere

Возраст 72 от Norristown, Pennsylvania Онлайн Сейчас
Женщина ищут Мужчину

I am a reserved, inquisitive, pensive, observant, sensitive, loyal and trustworthy person. I am well-educated, retired but work part-time in online academic/healthcare research when available. I tend to be easy-going in my orientation to life. I...


Возраст 65 от New Philadelphia, Ohio Онлайн Сегодня
Женщина ищут Мужчину

I would describe myself as a nice loving person I go to church I don’t smoke at occasionally have a glass a wine . I like to go out to eat shop and go to flea markets . I am a honest person and enjoy cooking

I am looking For True Gentleman

Возраст 58 от Lebanon, Ohio Онлайн Сегодня
Женщина ищут Мужчину

Petite Nice Figure I'Was Study Business

Male Friend first

Возраст 70 от Windsor, Ontario Онлайн Сегодня
Женщина ищут Мужчину

Looking for a best male friend, someone who is honest, kind, caring, compassionate, fun-loving, financially secure, spiritual, sober, no drugs, no alcohol, non-smoking, trustworthy. Enjoy music, theatre, quilting, writing, homebody.

I am a very young 74 year lady who has a

Возраст 74 от Huntington, Indiana Онлайн Сегодня
Женщина ищут Мужчину

A very young 74 year old who appears much younger in person. I always wear stylish clothing and shoes. I have all the expensive jewelry and furs that I will ever want! I canno seem to download photo but can send to your regular email!

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