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Age 70 From Morrisville, Pennsylvania Online Over 2 weeks ago

Woman Seeking A Man

Basic Information Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • First name Adira
  • I Would Describe Myself As I really would have preferred to meet someone special and more organically, a glance across the room,when you just know the connection could be really good.

    One of my motto’s for 2024 is “If not now,when? This continues to move me in deep appreciation of life’s bounty.

    I now find myself here like many of you wanting a vibrationally and physically awesome connection.

    I don’t look or feel my age, and I hope you don’t either,minus a few well earned bumps and dings along the way.

    Shall our inner child’s come out to play for life’s lighthearted adventures?
    AND Would I be able to relax into my feminine with You while you’re confident masculine shows up and plans some rendezvous?
    Yes please.

    Because I am a Care Giver,I know the therapeutic value of filling me up with loving care so-as to continue to give superb care to others.

    I’m still enjoying working full time and if our connection feels good, I will most assuredly have quality time for You with fun,wonder and excitement.

    I throughly enjoy nature with long walks in presence and appreciate meaningful conversations and cuddles.

    No one has ever been with me for my cooking. I do however set a beautiful table and with a few fundamental recipes.
    We all have our unique ways to express nurturing.
    Let’s connect, have a bite and see where it goes.

    I enjoy podcasts,Hidden Brain,Ted Talks,The Moth Radio Hour,This American Life,Documentaries,Drama,Suspense,
    Comedy and because I’m a romantic,Romance.

    This girl’s wish.😊
    If you’re a man whose words are aligned to your actions and have old-school manners,let’s see to feel where it goes.

    I been residing in Yardley Pa for 23 yrs.

    Pics are current and back as far as 2 yrs.        

    Please,no Trump admirers.

    That’s all folks.
  • Sign Gemini
Appearance & Situation What's your present situation? Describe your appearance.
  • My Body Type Is Average
  • My Height Is 5' 7 (1.7 m)
  • My Ethnicity Is Caucasian

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